Performance analysis of devices and architectures in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The world starts to develop in the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems era nowadays. The reason of this is the rapidly developing modern world, and the increasing number of the vehicles. Because of this the number of accidents and dangerous situations are also increasing. C-ITS aims to make traffic safer and more efficient. Communication between vehicles is based on information exchange by standardized message formats which are sent and received by the devices in real time and fast and in some cases a huge amount of these are sent and received. It is the main reason that we have to know the loadability of the devices in different circumstances.

The first part of the thesis describes the usage of the C-ITS through some simple examples. After that the design of the architecture under standardization is described, especially its layers, construction and function.

An important part of the thesis is the section after the architecture which introduces the most relevant messages/packets of the system, including their function and construction.

In the next section, the thesis depicts the purpose and the reason of the performance evaluation measurements, and also the architecture of the measurement system. After the results a conclusion is written.

The thesis ends with a brief summary in which the purpose of the C-ITS is detailed from the performed work’s point of view. Besides of this there is also a short summary of the future plans for these systems.


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