Steering wheel development fot Formula Student racing car

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Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This thesis is about designing the steering wheel for the FREC-03, the 2013 car of BME Formula Racing Team. On the steering wheel a display with LEDs and 7-segment displays can be found, along with rotary switches and buttons for the pilot to be able to modify the parameters of the car from inside the car. During the design I had to consider mechanical constraints, the steering wheel to be manufactured easily, and it is to be both ergonomic and aesthetic.

This project is a kind of team work where I have to work together with people from many professions: mechanical engineers, vehicle engineers, composite engineers and pilots give feedback for my work. Last year I designed the electronics of the display, which is to be used in this work. My goal is to design a steering wheel which is unique in the Formula Student series. In order to achieve this we look at what the steering wheels used by Formula-1 teams can do, which is not an overstatement, since for this car we use technologies which are used in only a few places of the world.


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