Modern energy storage methods in vehicles

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The developing of the energy storage in automotive industry continuously growing as the vehicles get even more electrical consumer. So the increased needs of the performance has to be served by the energy management system which main part is the battery.

In the 21 th century, for the rapidly tighten environmental regulation and the environmental aspect, the vehicle manufacturers developed more intensity the hybrid and electric drive principle, to compliance the latest regulation of emission. This developing trend has to be followed by the energy storage system. With more advanced battery the electric drive distance increases, so the electric drive train will be more competitive over the combustion cars.

In this framework of the thesis the energy storage system will be shown which are used in automotive industry, covering of its advantages and disadvantages. The batteries are the most prominent energy storage methods, so the thesis will deal the most of it, but other energy storage system will be shown as well.


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