Design and implementation of a social network based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

There is almost no company or work area in today’s world where computer applications and systems are not being used for some (or even all) of the business processes. These applications and systems are becoming more sophisticated and complex over the years, as they provide support for new business requirements, changes in the business world, certain rules and compliance laws and for competition with competitors. In all areas of business (technical service providing sector, financial/banking sector etc.) there is a constantly high competition, so a company cannot afford to lose customers and reputation (and thus market share and profit) due to a malfunction in an internal or external computer system. It can be seen that companies are quite dependent on the use of computer systems and applications, so it is important that they can deploy, operate and use these applications and systems at maximum safety, security and availability. The use of application lifecycle management systems provides a firm basis for this scenario.

There is another thing that is inevitable in today’s world, and this is the usage of the social networks and portals as well as the applications that use the functions and services based on them. Is there anyone, who has never heard about Facebook? Or even about Google+? Today almost everyone “is on” Facebook, which is used by all ages on a daily basis: ranging from grammar school and primary school students through to college students and grandparents. The primary functions of social networks and portals are: communication, community building and the sharing of information. Because of the last function such a community platform is perfectly suited to be used in an application lifecycle management system for sharing notices and other relevant information.

The main goal of this thesis is to design, implement, present and test an application lifecycle management support system extended with social networking features.


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