Simulating the operation of a chronic hemodialysis machine

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Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The thesis is about dialysis machines in medical software development. I have begun to develop a simulator of a chronic hemodialysis machine which will simulate the operation of the real machine.

The thesis details many problems about development. The simulator works in real-time, so I had to stand clear of the implementation of complex calculations and find a compromise between the requirements and computing capacity. I have made several components of the simulator which can simulate reality with an acceptable margin of error.

There is a comparison between the machine and the simulator at the end of the document. The simulation was successful, the simulator values are similar to the expected values.

The entire simulator is not complete yet. I plan to develop a more realistic physical simulation and I would like to make allowance for simulating several external errors for instance air bubbles in fluid or manual interventions. Further development of the model is easy, thanks to the modular design.


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