Development of Extracorporeal Blood Transport Control Software in a Chronic Hemodialysis Machine using Object Oriented Approach

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Every aspect of the industry is characterized by a tendency, that the new products should be made faster and cheaper. This approach is also true in the case of medical devices.

My task is to develop a part of the control software in a chronic hemodialysis machine. The company supporting my work has set an objective to improve the process of the developement as well, not only the control software.

During the semester I learned the dialysis machines and the general operations of the different therapy varieties which patients with renal insufficiency used.

I examine the modern age expectations of the softwares. I will have an outlook on the existing methodologies that can greatly improve the development process.

After the analysis of the software currently used in the dialysis machine I wish to make principles, which I shall follow through the implementation. With this, I propose a new software architecture by describing its details.

After this I introduce the general structure of the individual objects to be implemented and the relevant requirements. Then, of course, I present the completed units based on the requirements.

I conclude the paper with the test of the system I have suggested. In a properly selected section of the system I will examine its operation.


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