Intergrating resouces of coputer lab into cloud environment

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the spread of the virtualization technologies the emerging cloud services offer flexible and comfortable solutions in education and industry. Generally these are used by big performance machines, locally separated from other IT infrastructure. The connection to the cloud system is usually carried out on a thin client, which is typically a PC with average computing performance and with good graphics performance. The resources of the client remain almost idle and some of its hardware cannot be used for this task. The purpose of the work is to design a system which can be used and accessed from the lab environment, easy to use and utilizes the machines effectively. The system should guarantee the quality of service, and take the unreliability of the lab machines and the limited network bandwidth into account. During the task I considered alternative solutions and with minimal compromise I built a system from these. At the end of the thesis I explain the benefits and the drawbacks of the solution and list the possible methods of future development.


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