Automatization of Airbag Electronical Control Unit Testing

OData support
Németh Krisztián
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This thesis presents an automatization of a work flow in the automobile industry. Specifically, I present a software created for optimizing the test procedure for airbag controller units.

The reader first gets a closer look at the hardware and software tools of this testing process. According to the original work flow, a diagnostic software communicates with the airbag controller unit and it has to be set up using the data copied from a Word document, which describes the test specification. The current process is complex and time consuming: text from several hundreds of cells has to be copied manually, often including manual data conversation.

I revealed the problematic parts of the current method and looked for optimization potentials. These ideas were used to plan a software, which greatly reduces the testing time. In this section I represent the most important design decisions and their reasons. After this one can read about the implantation, the testing and the evaluation of the tool.

The program has been written in C#, using an automatization environment for Microsoft Office called Visual Studio Tools for Office. My software is integrated into Microsoft Word’s user interface, thus not occupying any extra space on the screen. It can parse the test specification Word document, recognize the contents and create configuration files which can easily be loaded into the diagnostic software. A wizard helps the user completing the test process, continuously showing the actual test results. Finally, it creates an Excel report, containing all the important details of the test.

The current version of the source code is approximately 30 000 lines long. The software is already in use with great success: the time of a test cycle is this way reduced from two days to at most two hours.


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