Human-machine interface upgrade for distillation plant

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of my thesis is the updating of a certain part of the display that is used in a distillation apparatus at the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The distillery is controlled by SIMATIC WinCC, which contains a user interface and a display. The project was made during an earlier thesis work, and it was compatible with WinCC 6.0.3 and Windows XP, and therefore it was timely to update for a more modern, up-to-date version.

The distillation equipment that is the basis of my thesis has been under many improvements throughout the years before the update of the display became necessary: the original system was created more than twenty years ago, and was controlled by analog controllers, and relay controllers. After a while some circuits started to malfunction, and therefore causing the system to work improperly. After this the system underwent a major development, in which the analog controllers were replaced with PLCs and the role of the control board was replaced with a corresponding HMI. With this development the system is equipped with a modern controlling system, that is widely used in the field of industrial automation. This development was done under the work of László Pintér’s and István Pfender’s thesis work, on which my thesis relies on.

The main subject of this thesis is the update of the demonstration screen. The demonstration screen was designed to show the most important parts of the distillation equipment. The goal of this update was to rebuild the originally schematic screen in a more modern and aesthetic manner. Aside from the update of the demonstration screen, the HMI underwent further other minor modifications, which are described in detail in the thesis.


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