License management software for Oracle and Microsoft licenses

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The companies use growing number of licensed software to support their business processes. Companies spend a lot of money on license supply contracts. The licensing review is more and more important, but there are usually not internal resources enough for the right and most favorable licensing. The three most important concepts in the license management are the license sources, the license usage and the licenses analysis generated from these two metrics. External professional companies are required to give advice and make survey for corporations. If the partner company receives an application including the summarized results as the project’s final product, the marketability of the survey will increase.

In my thesis I am going to discuss the Microsoft licensing methodologies. Microsoft server products and licensing methods of desktop applications will be described. The thesis will cover the exceptions of licensing applications also. I am going to explain the impacts of the computer clusters and the virtualization on licensing. Overview diagrams present the way how the used license is calculated.

The thesis presents recently used Oracle's licensing practices, the NUP and CPU-based licensing. The thesis includes the Oracle licensing minimums and the installation requirements of the Oracle databases. It displays the impact of virtualization on Oracle licensing.

The thesis details the Silverlight application’s structure supporting the license management. The layers and the object model of the license management - which supported by the Silverlight application - is also presented. Application’s functionality is demonstrated through menus. The application ensures rich content filtering services what makes easier to manage large data sets. The thesis includes the description and state machine of the calculation algorithms, which are the bases of the presented license usage management.

The thesis demonstrates the main components of source code, and the implementation methods of the application: the shell, constructed according to MVVM design pattern, and the functionality of Command pattern based architecture for event handling. The implementation section also contains the screen shots of the application’s main modules.


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