Development of an MPEG Remultiplexer Framework

OData support
Sebestyén Ákos
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my thesis I designed a software framework for remultiplexing MPEG transport streams. The remultiplexing of MPEG transport streams is a very complex task. The main goal of my work was not to develop a working remultiplexer function. The framework still has a remultiplexer module which is combining the transport stream packets on a very simple level.

The goal was to design and build the data processing graph for the remultiplexer module, building the structure for storing any necessary data, making the Graphical User Interface and creating the main control function. The supported input and output devices of the framework are Dektec ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) input, output, file writer and reader.

During my work I had a consultant in Antenna Hungária ltd. My work is suitable for continuing as a firm project.

The main purpose of this document to describe the structure and the operation of the framework helping the further development and using of it. I also collected necessary knowledge from standards and other documents which are relevant to understand the operation of the framework.


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