Development and run-time optimization of a Maltab-Simulink based framework for inverter function test

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the Hyundai Technologies Center Hungary Kft. Budapest developer office, we mainly work on the development of industrial electric drives. Our aim is to create a modern drive family, which, provide solution for demands in different kinds of use and in various industry sectors. The development of the software is happening in Matlab Simulink, which makes possible the model based design.

Testing is an essential part of the process of the software development. In my project, I will talk about the base of software testing and I will show the most common techniques, fundamental principles, testing methods and requirements.

Because of the complication of the implemented system, the demand is needed for the creation of an automatic test environment, which capable of testing the software different functions simply and efficiently. In a way where test environment is integrated in development environment and it is support the efficient cooperation of various testing methods.

There are several test and a model is complicated therefore the running time is an important factor. We would like to achieve an efficient method and rapid running time for our test.

My task was the implementation of an automatized test environment, which suits the previously mentioned requirements.


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