Public transport timetable application for Windows Phone 7

OData support
Madari István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Sometimes it can be a problem in local public transport that we can’t reach the schedule or the route of a line, or we don’t know precisely where the next stop is. Although, with the spreading of modern smartphones we can view these information in our web browser, or with the help of an application made especially for this purpose.

In my thesis I have aimed for developing a mobile application that can be helpful to anyone who uses services of Budapest Transport Company. The usage of the mobile application is simple, intuitive and the user interface is pleasant to the eyes.

The implemented application was created for the newest mobile operating system of Microsoft (codenamed Windows Phone 7.5 Mango). The new OS is utilizing the latest technologies and putting the features given by the mobile operating system’s Metro UI interface into spotlight. During the development I took advantage of the system capabilities (GPS, map, multi-touch control, SQL Server CE) and took the limitations of the system into consideration (CPU speed, availability of memory).

With the help of the implemented application we can view the available lines and their schedule can be easily queried. Moreover, their routes can be displayed on the map. Route lines can be put into ’favourites’, and we can define our favourite routes with the help of the available lines. Using our GPS position we can search for nearby stops as well, and get the list of lines that go from there.


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