Backup Strategy for Small Business Environments

OData support
Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Today's small businesses rely heavily on various IT services. If service unavailability or data loss occurs, it may generate financial loss to the company. It’s important to apply different backup solutions to prevent this kind of situations.

The 2.chapter reviewed backup systems at the highest logical level. It’s about parameters and categorization. This chapter analyzed mandatory objectives, which are essential for such a system design.

The objective of my research was to develop new backup strategy for a specific company in Hungary. In the 3.chapter I deeply reviewed the company's current network and server infrastructure. I analyzed the current backup strategy and summarized requirements for the new system. Although the goal was to implement a specific system, I did it in the way that my work can be used in other companies using similar-sized IT systems as well. In 4-7.chapters, I reviewed the specific backup options, dealing with technical implementation. First, I checked the possible solutions and then I selected the optimal solutions for the company. Meanwhile, I look over backup types, storage, backup software and scheduling.

After the in-depth study of the theoretical background, selection and testing of individual components, I implemented the new system at the previously selected company. Each steps and experiences during the implementation are included in 8 Chapter. Result of work during the semester carried out significant improvements in data security at the company and uncovered several aspects that can be used in future system upgrades to determine the right strategic direction. Unlike previous backup system, the new system will not only cover the regular file server backup, but also covers all IT services related servers in a regular, automatic way and stored in a separate vault.


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