Application of artificial intelligence in smartphone based healthcare IT systems

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Dr. Kóczy László Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

As a result of the accelerating speed of the advancement of informatics, mobile digital devices became part of our everyday life. This process might be slower in the area of health care due to its complexity and particular importance, but the tendency is the same. There are more and more both online and offline services and applications in this sector and the reliability of them are also improving.

During my work I got acquainted with a health care system which main focus are medicine and their side effects. I designed a software component which improves user experience by giving recommendation to the users about their next step. This recommendation is based on the specific user’s interactions. For the recommendation I used fuzzy recommendation system, with the inputs shaped by user behavior and output pointing to a specific screen of the application.

In this dissertation I detail the theoretical background of fuzzy rule-based concluding systems, then present the design process of the software component and then finally show its pasting process to the complete system.


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