Implemeting a Microsoft Word Addin to Support LaTeX equations

OData support
Dr. Mészáros Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Word processor programs play a big part in our everyday life. They are present in many application area, for example: office, home and publishing environment. In daily life mainly Microsoft Word has gained ground, while publications are usually written with the use of LaTeX Desktop Publishing System. In their own field with broad user groups both editors are widely used because of their separate functionality. It would be beneficial to combine the legendary LaTeX equation editor module with the Word's excellent document editorial environment. In my thesis I aimed at achieving this.

The developed application is capable of displaying a LaTeX formatted equation in the native Word object model. In addition, it can perform the same operation in the other direction, namely transforming the Word Equation into LaTeX code. Furthermore the displayed result of the conversion can be freely configured by the user. Besides equations the application can handle the majority of mathematical and scientific formulas. The plugin's language adapts to the Word's language settings. The list of symbols that are required to be translated and the implemented languages can be extended regardless of the state of the program.

Prior to the development, I studied the Microsoft Word's inner hierarchy and the MS Equation's structure. Moreover a comprehensive study of the LaTeX equations was necessary. For the implementation I used the APIs offered by Microsoft, and for the translation I used the ANTLR interpreter. Following the adequate research and design, the implementation and testing of the finished module occurred. The result was a fast and efficient compiler, whose user interface can be found on one of the Word Ribbon's custom tabs.


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