Design of alarm system with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis subject was to design a microcontroller-based alarm system. In the initial conception it was said, to have multiple devices in the system, which can communicate with each other through radio. Moreover, the main device was required to have a connection to the personal computer. I decided to implement this system using AVR microcontrollers.

First, I planned what kind of features I would like to have in my system, and I presented these features in theory. Then I chose two modules, and I have actually built them: The main device of the system, and a secondary motion sensing device, which uses a passive infrared sensor to detect movement. I implemented the features of the system on these two devices, and presented them in my essay.

During my essay, I reviewed the hardware parts I used in my circuit, discussed the reasons behind my choices, and the advantages and disadvantages of using the parts I chose. I went through the main steps of the circuit design, and presented the finished hardware. After this, I discussed the features of the software I worked on, and the solutions I used in particular situations in both the main device’s, and the peripherial device’s firmware. Besides all of the above, I made a simple PC software to communicate with my main device. Finally, I discussed the possible upgrades to the sytem to be implemented in the future.


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