Mindmap application development to Windows 8

OData support
Vajk Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis my task is to build a Metro Style application on the platform of Windows 8. The main goal is to design and create a user-friendly application, which is useable for mindmap style note taking. The application should also be published in the Windows Store.

In the first step of the design process I specify what kind of functions could be used in the application. These functions must be implemented during the creation of the application. These must-have functions are the following: Mindmap visualization, Panning navigation, Drag&Drop, Connection, Node selection, Import, Export, Undo/Redo, Search, Share, Printing. In the next step of the design process I make a research to get the required knowledge for the implementation process. In this research I assess the strengths and weaknesses of current competitors. I also get to know the Windows 8 platform’s possibilities and capabilities and I also try to find external components to make the implementation of the specified functions easier. In the third step of the design process I define and expound a high-level architecture to meet the requirements of the recently known platform and functions.

In the detailed implementation phase I create the specified functions. I record the process of the implementation and also describe the operations behind the functions mostly corroborated with code parts.

The application isn’t ready if we don’t ascertain the performance of the application. Therefore I make measurements to ensure about the application’s components performance. I describe the measurement process and results and also the evaluation of these results.

I also make user’s guide, which shows for the users how to use the applicaiton and what they can expect from the functions. In the last chapter I summarize my experience and propound some developement possibilities.


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