A mobile application for mass events surveillance

OData support
Dr. Simon Vilmos
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays, solutions for monitoring mass events are unable for providing appropriate quantity and quality of information for the organizers of the events and also does not exploit all of the possible opportunities offered by the latest technology.

Therefore, I have designed an application that takes the advantage of the widespread smartphones, and the positioning systems they contain.

These are used in order to collect anonymous data of the movement of participants of the examined event.

The system therefore is capable of providing information about smaller territorial units from the location and the movement of the individuals.

The provided information shows the local density of the crowd and whether they are able to move freely or not.

Also, the system warns the managers when the amount of people in a specific area may lead to problems.

This type of prediction is based on the physical description of crowd dynamics.

As one part of the system I have designed an easily adaptable library for smartphones, moreover I also implemented it for a popular platform along with an application in order to support testing.

I have also performed tests in order to measure the performance of the program.

These tests have shown that the application can be used for open-air mass events for monitoring of movement, because it can provide accurate data fast enough for a central server that can deliver meaningful information for the organizers.


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