Server-side coordination of mobile devices in a multiplayer game framework

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The last few years a new genre of adventure games, based on video games, started appearing: those are the escape room games. An example of such a game is ParaPark, which was esatblished in 2011. The main goal of the game is to escape a closed room in a given amount of time, by solving logic puzzles and riddles.

The main idea behind my thesis is to combine these, essentially offline games with digital devices and the digital reality, which were made possible by rapid development of technology, as predicted by Moore’s law. The main goal of my work is to create a system that blends these two fundamentally different, but not mutually exclusive worlds: to create an adventure game that a team of players can play using their mobile devices, but takes place in the real world!

A system that can be used to create and host such games has potential beyond recreation; games created within it may be used for learning, or even for organizing interactive exhibitions or teambuilding events. But the possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the systems users.


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