Software Development for a Mobile 3D Projection System

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis is about the control software of a glassless stereoscopic display. Since the system performs stereo visualization, the bases of stereo displays are described, and a summary of literature about well-known stereo visualization techniques are presented with their advantages and disadvantages as well. The task of the software is to generate the stereo image pairs based on a 3D model, and to adjust the showed perspective to the user’s position. The implementation is based on the image captured by the camera placed on the device. A marker tracking method for this purpose was developed and tested. The testing of the position measurement accuracy and stability proved that the implemented method is viable. In addition, the implemented marker type was compared with other marker types used in other projects. Based on the results of the comparison, with this new marker type the creation of patterns are possible which are detectable in a long-distance range with a remarkably smaller coverage, so that makes it suitable for use in applications requiring a camera-based position determination. At the end of the paper possibilities of further developments of the system are presented.


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