Mobile Public Transport Tracking System using Windows Phone

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This application uses the force of public for tracking the public transport's vehicles.

You can also view the schedule of public transport in Budapest, without using an internet connection. The schedule is available in table format or you can view in the map (the map uses internet connection).

For tracking of the vehicles, the application uses a server. This server receives the GPS coordinates (anonymously) and this server provides the information about the chosen trips.

The user can refresh the schedule and trips from the server's database. Those users who signed in on their mobile phone, for those the application can store their important settings on the server (the user's private informations cannot stored on the server, the mobile phone cannot serve these informations).

This application 'package' contains a web interface too. On this page you can track all of the trips. The web interface contains an administration interface (after log in) where the administrator can update the database.


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