Model-based automatic form-generation for GWT technology

OData support
Dr. Szatmári Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This Thesiswork’s content is the methodology of the model-driven form generation. Google Web Toolkit, the well known framework gives one the opportunity to develop extensions. A project exists, called Ineform, that makes one easier to create web forms under minutes. Unfortunatelly, the navigation is really difficult on smartphones, the generated forms are not optimized for these platforms. The source code has to be changed to create user friendly interfaces on phones as well. The problem occurs due to physical disadvantages, the size of a screen is rarely limited on a flat screen device. With the modification of IneForm, a new extension is achieveable, that makes one also viable to create optimized webforms for mobilephones. There are two modification of mobileIneForm, one uses pure JAVA, the other injects some nativ Javascript code to the IneForm project too. The development of ergonomically well shaped forms are continuous, because Jquery (natic Javascript) presents a new version of Jquerymobile almost every month. Jquerymobile has been tested with hundreds of users, the result is a perfect interface for smartphones. It has other advantages as well, for example there are a lot of built in event listeners in the project. The success of mobileIneForm depends on the succes of IneForm. MobileIneForm is going to be in the IneForm project, which will be hopefully part of the GWT framework soon.


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