Module development for G4Sense wireless safety protection system

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Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The wireless distributed sensor systems are more commonly used in different areas of industry. The security systems are no exceptions too. The G4S Security Systems Inc. has set out the aim of developing a radio-communication based intelligent, universal decentralized sensor network and safe protection system within the framework of an economic development program by the European Union. In this new system – called G4Sense – there is no central control unit, the intelligent sensors distribute the exercises between each other, so the project might offer scientific novelty about decentralized systems. In this moment there are no other systems on the market which are similar to this system concept. My diploma thesis is about the development of one of the modules in this system. The purpose of this module is to execute different switching tasks using relays. During the design particular attention shall be paid to power save mode and the appropriate inspection of safety-critic functions prescribed by standards.


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