Monitoring human motion in home environment

OData support
Erdős Csanád Gergely
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Today’s aging societies in the developed countries provide more and more tasks for the doctors and nurses. Modern electronics make it possible for the engineers to solve these problems.

An independently working home surveillance system can free the constant medical supervisors, and could expand our knowledge about human behavior.

In my thesis, I introduce the systems and the technics they use. In my literature research I present them in details, like their advantages and disadvantages. I show examples how they are connected to the internet, because it is one of the most important property these days.

My choice is the ultrasonic technique, because it is easy to implement, cheap and anonymous. The tests fulfilled the desired goals, from that, I designed the final version of the hardware.

The thesis guides you through the stages of the design, from the simulations to the final embedded programs, and their tests. Though this I explain the pros and cons of the modules, parts.

On completion I presents the tests I’ve done and their results.


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