Design of a satellite ground server unit

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This thesis is connected to the RADCUBE project, which purpose is to develop a

small satellite. The function of this satellite is to measure the magnetic and radiation field

surrounding the Earth, with this contributing to the space weather research. The subject

of this thesis the development process of RADCUBE’s service module (EGSE), which

main task is to charge and test the accumulator of the satellite.

The main parts of my work are formed by the design of the accumulator charger

synchron buck converter, the constant current discharge circuit and the voltage and current

measurement circuits. Furthermore I paid huge attention to the safe handling of the

accumulator, so I evolved multiple level, redundant protection.

At the beginning of the development I examined the specification, and created the

block diagram of the unit. After that I elaborated the schematic of the submodules, and

then I proved the proper working of the most important ones with simulation and breadboard

tests. Before the design of the printed circuit board I chose a box for the EGSE.

The last steps were the software design and implementation and the test procedure.


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