Developing a multicopter robotpilot application for indoor flight

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Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the remotely controlled, unmanned small aircrafts can be found in many areas of use. Their spread is growing rapidly, therefore new needs may arise every single day for their development.

In hobby use, like remote control cars, multicopters are getting popular because of the simple joy of remote controlling them. In industrial applications it can be an important factor to focus on the autonomy of the drones so they could operate under minimal human supervision. The development of an autonomous system unite many fields of disciplines and engineering. In the case of autonomous drones such a field can be the computer vision and perception, industrial control systems and wireless communication.

In this thesis my goal is to gain and apply scientific knowledge in these fields. Through this work I get a comprehensive picture of how autonomous multicopter systems are built and developed. Furthermore I will have a general knowledge that would be of great benefit for future works in this field.


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