E-learning application handling multimedia content

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

To create my thesis I picked the topic of e-learning. My goal was to create an e-learning system, which considers the use of bigger amounts of videos and pictures from the start of planning. I considered easy usability also an important factor. The currently existing software systems have plenty of functions, and most users only use a small portion of those. Adapting to the practice of BME it’s possible to make a usable system with less functions. I adapted to the expectations of modular structure, compatibility with standards, and model-view-controller concept.

I reviewed the literature of the topic and the existing e-learning systems. I planned the system, during this I defined the groups of users, and thought through the main processes. Based on the size of a real department I specified the working environment, the expected number of users and accesses, the space requirement, and planned a possible server realization. I picked the software environment for the realization and the Symfony framework. I set up the database consisting of 13 tables. I created the user interface and realized the authorization system. I designed the subject and course handling to follow the BME practice. I implemented the parts handling creation of lessons and the upload of their contents. I separated these two. This way, useful contents can be added to the system without lessons containing them. There is also no need the save a repeatedly used media file each time redundantly.

This way the system combines the education organizing, content sharing and lesson creating functions, handles curriculum containing media files, follows BME practices and compatible with SCORM standard. Developer and user tests were performed on the system. I documented the results in detail.


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