Communications among information systems of a multinational company

OData support
Dr. Szabó Csaba Attila
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this thesis, I present an IT infrastructure of a multinational company. What kind of IT systems they use and how they relate to each other in a multi-company enviroment. There's a standard implementation of how to connecting these system to each other. 80% of the companies world-wide using this model.

Sites represent a smallest unit of the company. They are working as invidual both in production and financial aspect yet they are still part of the big company. Most of IT system is distributed, and keep them syncronized is also a big challenge. The datas of the company can be accessed only from intranet. The structure of IT systems are centralized, means in the middle there's a ERP system and all of the other not only connected to each other but to the ERP system as well. Any operation that has financial affect must be indicated in the ERP system. This is where the invoice are printed.

QoS of data security and integrity must be 100% percent. Data loss or unauthorized access cannot be allowed. There are many ways to avoid these and in this theris I will tell you in details.

I also will mention about the processes and the servers. Furthermore I'll setup/configurate two systems. And show you how the transaction will be handled and what effects does it has in databases on the other side through many test cases.


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