Multitenant application hosting on Azure platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Cloud computing nowadays lives its golden age. Many companies take steps to involve this brand new technology into their systems. The goal of this process mostly is to reducing prices and thereby increases revenue. Although, for the small actors – such as private people or small companies –, sometimes the incurring costs make most cloud services unavailable.

Webhosting is a good example for this because hosting websites in the cloud with low traffic would be absolutely wasteful and inappropriate. However, cloud can offer many infrastructural services for “small” websites as well, which still makes this technology desirable. The question is now coming up: can this technology be utilized after all, to host websites efficiently with low load?

Multitenant architecture gives a relevant approach to answer this question. The idea is based on heavy sharing and safe separation. So, if such a hosting environment could be materialized which shares the available resources amongst web applications, then it also causes price reduction. In this case, these applications do not need their own resource pool, instead, they can use one central, thus not only the operational, but also the maintenance costs are reduced.

I designed and implemented a multi-purpose application following the idea above. It consists many opportunities, so it could be a public hosting service or an integrated solution in an industrial system. The cost-friendly architecture also encourages smaller actors to try and successfully use cloud services to host their low traffic websites.


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