NFL Fantasy Football Application for iOS

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Developing applications on operating systems running on smartphones and tablets has become an important part of today's informations technology, thus acquiring such skills could be a significant concern for a junior developer, just as much as staying up to date on modern technology. Apple has recently released iOS 9 and Swift 2.0, refreshing the operating system of iPhone and iPad along with Apple's own programming language. This thesis aims to elaborate on the above mentioned updates from various perspectives.

In the first half of my thesis I am going to present the operating system running on Apple's mobile devices and the nature of iOS software development. I am then going to over its usable programming languages, shedding more light on the one I have chosen to work with. Thereafter the basic rules of American football and Fantasy Football will be discussed to clarify background information pertaining to my application. Afterwards I am going to describe the whole process of making my first iOS application, explaining in more detail its two essential components: persistent data storage and network communication.

During the design and development of my project I learned about the behavior of iOS and the new version of Swift. The goal was to create an application managing NFL statistics with iOS 9 compatible functions. I was also focusing on exploring the environment as much as possible to have a firm fundation when making more complex ideas become reality in the future.


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