Development of a Hgh Voltage Power Source for measuring minimal ignition energy of powders

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I observed the methods and devices of measuring minimal ignition energy, referring to the standard concerning it. I got to know the test apparatus and the test methods according to the standard.

I observed the ways of generating ignition sparks, and I decided to use a solid state Marx-generator as spark generator unit. I observed the literature of this topic, I got to know the technical methods, the topology and structure of solid state Marx-generators. In the designing process I decided to use an optical cable with suitable transimtter and receiver as synchronised driving method, I choose the suitable transistr driver ic an IGBT.

I constructed the switching circuit, I did some measurements to verify the appropiate working of the circuit. I made the two-stage, and then the four-stage version of the Marx-generator, and I did measurements in low- and then high voltage. I designed a suitable physical realisation of the circuit with a printed circuit board. I observed the effect off different loads (ohmic, spark gap) to the circuit.


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