Visual analysis of great data structures

OData support
Dr. Max Gyula
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our digital world a significant part of the rising data volume is unexploited. The Big Data technology turned up in order to utilize this data-set and make it available to take a look at our world from another point of view. One of the remarkable fields of Big Data usage is social network analytics. In order to make these analytics easier to understand and better describable we need a solution, called visualisation.

There are two well separated parts of my thesis, in the first part I describe main features of Big Data technologies in general. Furthermore visualisation techniques, their special case, called visual graph analytics and structure of social networks are going to be in-troduced. The second part is about an example visualisation solution, which analyses interactions and relations at a social network. At the end of the thesis I am going to put two and two together, and define what could be the improvements.


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