High Precision Indoor Positioning System for Team Sports

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Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The purpose of this study is the technological analysis of a brand-new, innovative solution used in sports science, which is able to track the motion of sportsmen using indoor localization techniques. The analysis involves the evaluation of the available technologies, expectations based on sports science, and the possibilities of realization defined by them.

In the beginning of the study I introduce the motivations from the point of view of sports science, and I examine the parameters measurable with IT solutions and indoor positioning systems.

I performed literature research about the currently available realizations – as well systems arriving in the near future – and their technological solutions. I drew conclusions based on their specifications. These statements helped me to define the course line of my work.

After introducing the known positioning algorithms and challenges in indoor localization, I sketch a concept of architectural design, for which the requirements were defined based on sports science expectations and engineering best practices.

For the proof of concept I set up a test environment, I made examinations, and I evaluated the results based on various criteria; finally I made a conclusion.

My study ends with the summary of the work carried out, experiences gained, and offers chances of improvements and a vision of possibilities achievable in the future.


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