Development of a motor controller for high power electric vehicle

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The depletion of fossil fuels is becoming a more urgent problem therefore the search for a new type of drive in the vehicle industry is important. There are two main trends the bio and the electric propulsion. In the case of an electrical vehicle the power is supplied by a battery and an electric motor takes care of the propulsion. A student group was founded at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to build an electric race car.

In my work I go around the issue of selecting a suitable electric motor and a motor control system that may be used in the future. I present the chosen engine, the recommended inverter for the engine, then I describe the steps of designing an own controller. I have laid down such a specification that will suit present and future needs. In the outlined system design, I separated the hardware parts responsible for the control and interface functions. I designed the schematics and verified the operations with simulations. I discuss the selection of the essential components ant their attributes.


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