The evaluation of power transformer’s failures by DGA combined with Fuzzy logic

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The importance of electricity supply has increased significantly in recent decades. There is a great emphasis on its quality, which ensures the expected operation of the electrical equipment. For the safety of services, and the better utilization of equipment, the maintenance of industrial electrical equipment is an increasingly important task. The diagnostic procedures provide many opportunities for the prevention of the various defects, and for their suppression.

It is essential that the diagnostic systems have to own the most important informations for the devices to give an effective help for the service, and to ensure the consumer's expectations, too. It is clear that there is that there is a great need of an efficient, modern complex surveillance expert system, which takes into consideration the antecedent and other important information from different sources, and uses them pour it back in useful results.

The assessment system I presented and used, uses a combination-of-five multi diagnostic method. In addition, it takes into account the natural characteristic of aging by CO2/CO, the quantitative indicators for each characteristic gas evolution, and the device also attends to the history of previous life of the device. Each of the diagnostic procedures based on Fuzzy logic, and in that way the diagnoses will be more accurate and reliable.


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