Design of nanogrid in an office and education building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis my work is to plan and research an electric network built with several independent nanogrids in an office and education building.

First of all, I presented what does a nanogird means, what are the technology’s main trends of these smart grids, and what are the possible evolutional directions of the future’s electrical system. I calculated the required electrical power and using these calculations I analyzed the potential realizations for power generation and storage for the sustainable facility operation and energy efficiency.

For the appropriate comparability I planned the facility’s electrical network in the conventional way. This includes the planning of the indoor and outdoor lighting system, the scaling of the wire sizes and the protections. For choosing the right network elements I used the current standards and requirements. Displaying the plans my thesis includes several layouts and schematics about the localizations of the network elements and the structure of the distribution boards.

During my work, my aim was to use the most modern solutions for both conventional and non-conventional grids so that this concept design would represent a high technical level.


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