The simulation, planning and design of the PV system of a home building powered by solar cells

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Environmental pollution, global warming caused by greenhouse gases which get into the atmosphere and climate change cause a more and more serious problem nowadays. That is why emphasising renewable energy sources and their use in everyday life is important. In September 2012 the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition was organised in order to make society face the importance of environmental consciousness, energy efficiency and also the opportunities hidden in the new technology.

In my diploma work I present the Hungarian House, Odoo. I put a lot of energy into the planning and implementation of its photovoltaic system and building electricity. 18 solar houses took part in the competition; in the close contest we achieved the 6th place in the total. We are satisfied since we were the first team from Hungary to qualify and take part in the contest. Some other contestants entered the competition for the second – third time and had considerable experience. In the engineers’ contests we had good results, we achieved second and third places.

In my work I introduce the competition and its regulations, then I go on to present our innovative ideas, which took us two years to develop. I describe the planning of the photovoltaic system of the house in detail, and the photovoltaic energy production simulation program developed by team- mate Baksai-Szabó Kristóf and myself. I give an insight into the two versions of load estimation designed by us and finally I deal with the afterlife of Odoo Hungary.


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