Modeling and control of Solar collector based heating system

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the use of renewable energy sources are more and more common. House heating systems are usually equipped with solar collectors. Techniques for solar energy can operate with high efficiency. The energy provided by the collector can be used for domestic hot water production, for air-heating, for swimming pool heating or for air-conditioning as well. The base of efficient use is to create a sufficient thermodynamical model about the devices in the system.

In my thesis I develop a block-oriented model in Matlab Simulink, in which the temperature can be monitored at every point of the heating system. Based on the created blocks (collector, water storage tank, heat exchangers, water heater, swimming pool, etc. ) it is possible to build systems with different characteristics and simulate them.

With the information about the model, it is possible to create an intelligent control system. At the end of my thesys I create a fuzzy logic controller, which will be integrated in the Simulink model. The created fuzzy control algorithm assists to achieve higher efficiency than traditional fixed mass flow rate methods and the stability of the system increses.


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