Designing and modeling the electrical installation of a four level office building

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Szabó László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The subject of my thesis is the design and model of the electrical network of an office building in Budapest. This study was supported by Megawatt Ltd.

The goal is to create a realistic model of the building’s electrical network and with that we can save time and effort by calculating complex electrical installations.

The first part of the dissertation shows the structure of the Hungarian power system and presents various methods of protection against electrical shocks.

After that it shows the structure of the building’s electrical network and the defined parameters of the used transformer and loads.

Based on the block diagram I draw up the model of the electrical network using the software Ecodial. This software is made for electrical calculations and assists in calculating and optimizing complex electrical installations using the appropriate standards. Ecodial calculate the network power sum and it has a command to calculate the network step by step. The command calculates the various components in the network, circuit by circuit or for the entire network.

The final part of the thesis describes the process of designing and constructing residential electricity networks and presents the used standards and requirements during this process.


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