Using and creating NuGet packages in the ASP.NET MVC framework

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The present thesis focuses on two problematic issues which are discussed in four chapters.

The first is the increasingly common usage of open source modules in live systems, which is problematic because the integration and maintenance of such modules is becoming more and more difficult due to their growing number and the fact that they are built on each other. Microsoft’s NuGet is a package manager that helps developers in this situation. Chapter 2 of the thesis describes the operation and usage of this platform, and then Chapter 3 discusses some already existing packages, such as the WebActivator which is essential for developing in ASP.NET MVC.

The second issue is that our globalising world makes it increasingly important to make websites, both business and social, multilingual. For this reason, it is a key task now to find a solution which effectively helps coming over all the problems of making pages multilingual. Such problems include the introduction of a new language, and the translation of (changing) website elements with professional translators or visitors. Chapter 4 presents my attempt to design and implement a framework system for this task using ASP.NET MVC platform, and then Chapter 5 describes my efforts to prepare this framework system for efficient integration through NuGet packages.


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