Implementing ODA - Online Dump Analyzer tool on SAP HANA

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The day-to-day work at many areas of SAP product support division includes ABAP dump analysis. These text files contain a great amount of information regarding the problem that arose on the client system, also about the system itself as well, which can greatly help SAP support experts to investigate the root case of the problem and in many cases it can aid these experts to give an instant solution suggestion to overcome the issue. These files are written by the runtime environment itself, therefore can safely be trusted for integrity, both for structure and content, moreover these files are very capable of being parsed and processed by machines. This gives us the ability to react on customers’ problems faster and with greater precision, because the actual output won’t be affected by the actual human processor’s state. It is also worth to mention that it’s not always doable to precisely define the logic behind each scenario, therefore we need to use the cluster analyis from statistics to give greater flexibility to the solution finding process. Taking all these and integrating them into cloud will help us reach greater customer satisfaction, which leads to more effective operation of the product support.


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