Development of an Object Tracking Algorithm for Augmented Reality Systems

OData support
Szemenyei Márton
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowdays in the modern world technologies that include image processing have become an everyday reality, as vehicle parking systems use tracking and positioning algorithms as well as military technology and space technology.

In my thesis I have made an object tracking algorithm to a Tangible Augmented Reality system with computer vision methods. The Tangible Augmented Reality systems expand the real world with virtual elements, which elements require some positioning and object tracking method to follow them. The object tracking and positioning in the real space can be executed by many algorithms which are based on numerous different methods. I have made and algorithm that uses image features for object tracking.

My algorithm has two main parts. In the first part I have created a model of the tracking object. In this model reconstruction method I use image features and descriptors to create a model and at the same time I produce the data of the tracking. Secondly in the other part of the algorithm I have done the object tracking with the datas that I created.


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