Smart home camera and sensor system

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Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Camera systems importance can’t be avoided in today’s smart home environments. My purpose was to design and implement a low cost framework for camera and sensor network, which can be expanded dynamically.

Initially I took research regarding the structure and requirements of smart home and camera systems, then designed my own system in possession of the acquired informations. Firstly I had to determine which functions need to be realized and as a result what hardware and software components are needed to provide reliable network communication, controlling of the framework, remote access, security and building of the prototypes. The next step was to realize the designed system which is capable of remote monitoring and alarming if necessary. The finished system consists of the following components. A camera, which can provide proper image even in low light conditions, can send alert messages to the user, and gives alarm sound output. Three types of sensors: RFID card reader, infrared motion detector, and magnetic contact switch which functions as door sensor. With the first type the user is able to arm and disarm the alarm, the other two are for triggering the alarm and the camera. A main controller unit, which manages the operation of the whole system, communicates with the sensor network, and in this case it functions as the camera too. The pairing of sensors with the controller unit is fairly simple, only a Wi-Fi capable phone or computer is needed for this task. I also developed easy to use, responsive web interface for managing the camera system, which can be accessed from remote locations. Being a security system, I paid attention to security concerns like the encryption of the communication channels and required sensors and users to authenticate themselves. The operation of the completed prototype is reliable, and it is comfortable to interact with the system itself. The cost of the project remained plenty below the commercially available solutions.


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