A Smart Community Based Parking Solution

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

For tons of people parking is an everyday activity. However, we can face a lot of difficulty during it. The most of it comes from the fact, which we do not now in advance, where is the best available lot. This crowd, cruising for parking is also a hidden cause of the peak time traffic jams. If we could eliminate this, a lot of money could be saved, and we could also become more environment friendly.

This was the problem that I was facing to search a solution for it, as I could not find any existing application, which would solve this problem in general, I planned, and created my own solution, the ParkingLegion app, my parking helper system. I made the users also a part of my solution, with the crowdsourcing data method. I have created an Android application, which has a map, colored by parking lot fullness, and this data can be also reported using it. My solution also includes a timer, reminding for the end of the parking ticket, and a where did I left my car parking function, which allows the user to navigate to the parking lot she/he left the car.

The crowdsourcing data method, which powers my application too, have already making possible a lot of popular apps. It makes them able to collect data, what would be impossible, or very expensive without it. It is now clear, that clean, fresh and big amount of data can be collected with it. This however works best with big user base, which generates a lot of load for the servers, so I had to mind the scaling in my backend systems. I used replicated virtual servers in the cloud, and a load balancer, which spreads the queries between them.

During my thesis work, I have created a complete, operational system, which fulfils my specifications. Some development opportunities are still open, to make this more useful for the users, and motivate them more in contribution.


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