Smartphone based health monitor system on Android

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

We can safely say, that this "smartphone" thing is now an important part of our life, it’s

hard to imagine our daily routine without them. This is due the trend of recent years. We

can feel often, that we are falling behind without smartphones. Smartphone’s technology

keeps the pace with the growing popularity, so now we can hold a device in our hand, wich

can help us all day, for example we can use it in navigation, communication, gastronomy,

or in healthcare. It’s hard to say something, where we can’t utilize our smartphone.

In my document I examine the medical field. Now the low range devices already have

built-in sensors, wich combined with the smartphone’s infocommunication ability is a great

solution to monitor our health status.

During my work I examined the smartphone’s hardware and software. I was looking

for the way, how can I use the phone for a medical application. The resolution of the

smartphone’s built-in sensor, and interfaces is enough for medical purposes. The datas

measured by wireless sensors provided another important information about our health

status, so the application’s concept also contains this wireless sensors.

After investigations i made an application, wich contains the planned medical exami-

nations. The accelerometer, camera, Jack-output, and display are used by the application

to measure our healt status. The results are saved in a cloud service, so we get a picture

about our loved ones healt status.


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