Design and Implementation of an Online Gaming Framework

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Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Reaching victory in strategy games require critical, forward looking thinking and a little bit of luck. Because of that it is a hard problem to create an artificial intelligence that can play and win such a game. Creating a program like that is a great challenge and a great knowledge  building opportunity for an engineering competition. Developing an artificial intelligence contains interesting obstacles and solving them gives a really useful experience for the programmers involved. That is why many companies follow the proceedings of these kind of engineering competitions. Rather than focusing on one specific task like this, engineering competitions mostly focus on general problem solving. So a game like this is a refreshing task for the engineering students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

In this thesis I put the design and development of a strategy gaming framework in perspective with emphasis on engineering competitions. I provide a platform for programmers of artificial intelligences which can help beginner and more experienced developers to try and challenge themselves and each other. They can get feedback from the very beginning of the development process with the help of this framework and whether they have the ability to create an artificial intelligence to get through the difficulties presented to it.


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