Investigation of ROA-based optical transmission

OData support
Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

As a result of the ever increasing demand for higher bandwidths optical

components appeared in the access networks as well. The technologies in use today are

fully fledged and standardized. Yet the direction of development, the optimal topology

and network structure selection are still an important issue. The goal is to find a solution

that is as compatible with the existing network as possible so that the adaptation would

be inexpensive.

In the first part of my thesis work I review the current and legacy access network

transmission technologies, their evolvement, including copper-based, wireless and optical

technologies, then I take a look into the possible directions of development today with an

emphasis on the realization of the new generations of wavelength division techniques.

My objective was to develop a method for uplink data transmission in an optical

wavelength division multiplexing network and the construction of a device that can be

integrated into such a network by using semiconductor optical amplifier. I performed

measurements on the amplifier in order to acquire the needed parameters so that it can be

used as an intensity modulator. I also performed further measurements on the finished

device in order to determine the suitable value for the modulation current and determine

the performance.


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