Simulation analysis of PMIPv6 in INET/OMNeT++

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The number of mobile-connected devices are still growing. Their users and the operators of the telecommunication networks might find the idea of network based mobility management appealing The main advantage of network based mobility management is the following: it don’t except mobile terminals to implement any mobility related addition to the standard protocol stack, as signalling on behalf of the mobile nodes is done by network elements. In this piece of work I worked with the most widespread, standardised implementation of the aforementioned approach, namely the Proxy Mobile Internet Protocol. By implementing it, with help of an already working simulation model, I had amended the INET framework. Following that I tested this technology. In the process of writing this thesis I have become acquainted with the tasks needed to expend the INET/OMNet++ simulation system, have got to know the steps of modelling a protocol, have become familiar with the operation of PMIPv6 and have made assumptions about this protocol’s usability in real circumstances, based on the results of the simulation.


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