Utilization of parametric resonance in the wireless power transfer

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Dr. Gyimóthy Szabolcs
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

This BSc theses analyses the opportunities of parametric excitation in a wireless power transfer system based on magnetic resonant coupling.

The circuit to be studied is based on an already existing, measured wireless power transfer circuit based on magnetic resonant coupling taken from a paper. In this thesis the theoretical background of parametric excitation and the theory of parametric amplifiers are presented.

The subject of the study is a purely theoretical model containing a linear time-variant capacitance, as well as a more concrete circuit, which implements this theoretical model with a varactor, and a signal generator to control it.

The objective of this investigation is to enhance the efficiency of the system, and reveal the other effects of this method -- rooting from both the theoretical model itself (the periodical changing of the capacitance), and the implementation (the characteristics of the varactor).

The simulations are implemented in LTSpice, the post processing of the results are done in MATLAB.


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